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When Ashley Tisdale embarked on what she calls her mental health journey a few years ago, she started in baby steps. She thinks about daily meditation practices, lighting candles and drawing an evening bath. Then she noticed that certain fragrances triggered specific moods. Citrus fruits, for example, have made me feel more optimistic and energetic, she says. She made me really curious, so I looked into why.

After the High School Musical singer and actress got her answer, a scent sends signals to the part of the brain that controls memory and emotions, she got to work and created her own wellness line. She enters Being Frenshe, a collection of handcrafted products such as candles, creams, oils and body washes with soothing aromas specially designed for stress-free daily rituals.

Most people are too busy to add another step to their routine or start a new practice, she explains. So I wanted people to feel a little more optimistic, more comforted by just, for example, taking a shower with our body wash. The fragrances smell really good!

Tisdale adds that there is no right way to go about the day. She loves to go into Zen mode by turning off her phone, canceling her schedule, and being fully there for her husband (composer Christopher French) and her 2-year-old daughter; she also thrives on tackling big and creatively fulfilling projects. She’s about balance and trying to make choices that support overall well-being, she adds. You just try to be open to possibilities.

During a break in her routine, Tisdale detailed her daily must-haves for CNN Underscored.

My bath ritual is a self-care staple, and these bombs are one of my favorite tools for stress relief, says Tisdale. Scent-wise, these bath bombs boast notes of fresh lavender, milky sandalwood, and sweet cardamom. They are also infused with Oat and Coconut extracts so they leave your skin feeling so soft.

Tisdale admits its essential daily beauty product isn’t the most exciting answer, but any dermatologist would happily approve. Zinc Oxide Enhanced Moisturizing Smooth Sunscreen was developed for moderate to dry skin and can be worn alone or under makeup. It’s the easiest way to keep skin healthy in the long run, she says.

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Tisdale can’t contain her excitement when she talks about her calming ritual. I really like a ringing bell or a singing bowl, she says. When my mind is moving at a million miles an hour, sound helps slow my thoughts to a more manageable, peaceful place. While Tisdale listens via YouTube videos, for the real deal, she tries out this handcrafted travel meditation set, which includes a striker and pillow.

For a quick snack, Tisdale likes to eat roasted almonds that are high in potassium and magnesium. I don’t like being angry who does? so I always have a few packs of nuts in the car, she explains. The actress washes them down with homemade nutrient-dense smoothies, which she whips up quickly at home and then sips on the go.

Nothing special here! When it comes to her wardrobe, comfort is the top priority. My favorite piece of clothing should be my sweatpants, she says. I can’t live without them! Crafted from a blend of lightweight cotton and modal blend, her beloved loose fit loungewear features a soft elasticated waistband and wide leg. It is also available in seven colors.

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A true force of nature, Tisdale says she’s grown to love putting on her hiking boots and experiencing the great outdoors. I’ve been going on solo hikes lately just to feel healthy and let my mind wander, she says. It’s so beneficial because I get fresh air and come back feeling better than before I left. Alone time helps me be a better person, partner, and parent. This durable, waterproof shoe has a compression-molded, cushioned midsole and Vibram Megagrip rubber outsoles for traction on uneven terrain.

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Her reading rituals: The New York Times, CNN (yes!), and leading this popular CBT-based program. Developed by self-help author and motivational speaker Lucinda Bassett, the self-guided Holistic Treatment Kit including guidebook, audio lessons on CD, and take-along cards is aimed at anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, and stress. I read the book years ago and it changed my life, says Tisdale. I see it often.

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