Decades after brutal workout, 64-year-old IFBB pro once revealed the long-term effects of pumping iron

Francesco Benfatto is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder who has charmed the bodybuilding community with his physique, which is synonymous with symmetry. Although Mr. Proportion has never won a Mr. Olympia in his long career, he certainly occupies a prominent place in the golden era of bodybuilding. The now personal trainer shares his knowledge of the sport to help the fitness community. In a recent post, the icon talked about the ideal logic behind weightlifting.


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By sharing his strength training journey, the 1982 Mr. France winner wants to inspire the bodybuilding community in his own way.

Francis Benfatto celebrates 50 years of training


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The French bodybuilding star doesn’t take age into consideration when it comes to his weight training regimen. I truly believe that age is just a number, but only if you do what you have to do. I am 64 years old and feel great, and this year I celebrate 50 years of training, he writes with a sense of pride recalling his semi-centennial journey in sport.

Benfatto discovers that the first few pounds he lifted as a teenager are still having an effect on his current physique. He believes that the weight lifting process is a long term phenomenon. But today I can still see the results of the first kilo I lifted 50 years ago, why? Because this is a long term challenge, a very long journey, opens up about his philosophy behind weightlifting.

And one should be passionate and consistent in one’s efforts to see lasting results, according to Benfatto. It has also been 50 years of good food, preparations, a thousand journeys, a million miles, many countries, good times, good people and many many memories, love and emotions, he adds by listing all the things he did right to be able to continue his bodybuilding career into his sixties.

The 60-year-old’s great knowledge of the sport and constant training also helped him to compete even in his 40s. And it all stems from motivation, something bodybuilding icons have emphasized for their fans, whether it’s famed influencer Joey Swoll or legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger.

However, Benfatto’s story has a very different trajectory.

Benfatto explained the reason for his return in 2006

The French bodybuilder was dedicated to techniques focused on symmetry with respect to mass. This did not see him achieve much success; Well done he hasn’t won a major event since his Mr. Universe at middleweight in 1985. He competed until 1993, securing a sixth-place finish in the four Mr. Olympia events he entered. The bodybuilder left the competitive arena for 13 years before returning. So, he can be credited with having a competitive career spanning over 2 decades. At 48, Francesco Benfatto he finished sixth in the 2006 IFBB AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX.

He spoke about his comeback in a chat with in 2019. The Frenchman said: My decision to compete once again came during some shows I was doing in South Africa. I was motivated during the fitness process for these appearances. My body’s response was good and looking at the photos I saw the possibility of returning to racing, then I decided to make a comeback but not an ordinary one: my goal was to make the best comeback ever.


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I wanted to reach my full potential at 48, which was unique in bodybuilding history, so I achieved what I set out to do.

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The eternal bodybuilder still continues to train as a 64-year-old with the same enthusiasm. Francesco Benfatto he is a master in training techniques such as ART, i.e., self-regulation training, and PPM, i.e., Progressive Performance Methodology training method.


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Only consistency and choosing legitimate means will help people stay in the bodybuilding arena for a long time. The trainer now in training wishes to change the approach of beginning bodybuilders with his fitness programs with an emphasis on sustenance.

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