7 Popular Wellness Trends That Totally Wreck Your Body

Every year there seems to be new wellness trends sweeping the nation. Almost overnight, they attract tons of people hoping to get quick results and finally get the body they desire. But please don’t confuse “popular” with “healthy”, because they are two totally different things. We’re here to share seven popular wellness trends that wreck your body so avoid them at all costs.

“There are countless dangers from many wellness fads because they often use extreme or questionable practices,” she says Matt Kasee, SM, CSCS, owner of Trilogy Fitness Systems, a leading gym in Cincinnati, Ohio. “It’s common to see overuse injuries and unhealthy relationships with food and exercise, impacting all levels of your health.”

In this article, we’ll look at seven popular trends to avoid, why they can harm your health, and what you should do instead to protect and enhance your body. Read on to find out more, and afterward, be sure to check out 7 Fitness Habits That Are Destroying Your Body After Your 30s.

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“Detoxes heavily limit your diet by adding a few cleansing supplements,” explains Kasee. “But our bodies naturally detoxify and process everything, which makes these fads dangerous for the money.” Additionally, research suggests that things like juice diets and cleanses offer little benefit and pose potential dangers.

Skip the detox and stick to good principles. “Focus on eating balanced, nutritious foods with plenty of water to stay as healthy with your nutrition as possible,” says Kasee.

carnivorous diet

The next step in popular wellness trends wrecking your body are fad diets. New diets are popping up constantly like the increasingly popular “carnivore diet,” in which you eat only red meat, eggs, fish, and some animal products, and skip over fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

“Our bodies need carbohydrates, healthy fats and fiber, but cutting them out can be dangerous for our health and relationships with food,” says Kasee. Again, focus on healthy habits over trends. “A balanced diet rich in protein, fruits, vegetables, and fiber is a better and safer approach,” adds Kasee.

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Before you try one of those “30/60/100 days of exercise” challenges, reconsider.

“Workout challenges give a burst of motivation, but often have a huge boost in volume without any preparation, leading to potential overuse injuries,” Kasee ​​explains. If you want sustainable results, follow a training plan that matches your current fitness level and progresses gradually and safely so you can make steady and lasting improvements.

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Plenty of trends promise to speed up your workout recovery, like cold dips, massage guns, supplements, and more. “These provide temporary relief from soreness or pain, but they don’t address what really affects recovery,” says Kasee. It’s like putting a bandage on the problem, it could eventually lead to worse problems.

“To recover properly, watch what activities you’re doing, how much you eat, and how much sleep you get,” she explains. “This is where you will find true balance and enable recovery.”

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middle aged man doing battle ropes resistance exercise to improve stamina

HIIT classes and gyms are popular because they often promise rapid fat loss. But while HIIT has its place, just doing it can be dangerous. “Many people aren’t prepared for that style of training,” says Kasee, “and it can lead to overuse problems in the knees, shoulders and lower back.”

Instead, follow a strength-training program that builds up gradually. “You can tailor the workouts to your level, recover more effectively, build muscle to maintain your metabolism, and build the strength needed for most of life’s activities,” she adds.

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Fact: Just because someone has an amazing body, it doesn’t mean they know anything about fitness or nutrition. Many “influencers” go to extremes or take things they keep secret. Taking their advice in hopes of being like them can lead to poor results and a lot of frustration (and wasted money).

Always seek the opinion of accredited experts. You can use those influencers for motivation, but know when to plug your ears.

close-up woman checking her fitness tracker watch while walking to lose weight

I use a heart rate monitor while exercising because it helps me train in the right zones and track my progress. But there’s the potential to go overboard since we now have tons of technology to track every part of our lives: steps, sleep, food, exercise, recovery, nutrients, and more.

“Attention to health is the greatest obstacle in life,” said Plato. The purpose of “health” is to live a better life; don’t be obsessed with numbers and minutiae. Pick a tool or two if you really need them, but don’t let them run your life.

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