Marie Osmond has 5 tips to beat stress and they are all 100% doable.

Memorial Day is coming up, which is the unofficial start of summer. While early summer means fun in the sun, it can also mean seasonal stresses. Whether you’re the designated BBQ host, vacation planner, or boss of lawn care in your household. summer can be busy. But it’s important to remember that you too deserve to kick back and enjoy the season. Here to help: Singer, TV personality, and glam-ma Marie Osmond. Read on to see the wellness strategies that help her enter summer with joy.

What Memorial Day means to Marie

Like many Americans, Marie Osmond, 63, sees Memorial Day as more than just the start of summer: It’s also a time to honor the brave men and women who gave their lives in service to our country.

Memorial Day makes me focus my attention on those we’ve lost, their families and our veterans, and the incredibly important work they’ve done, says Marie, who watches the holiday entertaining a home full of loved ones who she admits requires a lot of resistance.

Luckily, I have more energy than ever, she laughs, crediting Nutrisystem with helping her maintain a 50-pound weight loss and boosting her stride. Every decade, our bodies change, but we may feel better at 60 than at 40. Here are her tips for a healthy summer.

Energize and invigorate with a massage

As we get older, our lymphatic system is so important to keeping us healthy, says Marie. When your lymph vessels fail, it’s like a toilet that won’t flush: it becomes toxic in there. So I like to splurge on a lymphatic massage to keep everything moving. A simple home remedy: Follow these body massage techniques for the upper and lower body. This can flush excess fluid and toxins from the tissues and help relieve swelling and discomfort.

Get radiant skin with coconut oil

Coconut oil is great for your skin, enthuses Marie. When your skin is hydrated, your makeup looks so pretty. So I always start with a good moisturizer. Coconut oil or jojoba oil are best because they are very similar to our natural face oils and super moisturizers.

Maintain a healthy weight with portable snacks

My journey isn’t about being thin, says Marie about maintaining her weight loss. I learned that we must love ourselves and take care of our health in order to have the best quality of life. That’s all I want – to have the energy to do things with my husband. For that, I always have Nutrisystem bars with me (buy from Nutrisystem, pricing based on plan). Whether it’s the coconut ones or the candy bars, they give me energy, so I don’t dive in and think, “Oh, there’s a candy bar.” Marie also loves swapping apples or cucumbers for soy sauce and antioxidant-rich wasabi. They are tasty and healthy delicacies!

Whiten your teeth with an irrigator

We don’t realize how important gum health is to our bodies, but keeping them clean and healthy is so important to our overall health, says Marie. That’s why I use a Waterpik. I have one that I travel with and use it every day. My teeth are whiter because when your gums are healthy, your teeth get whiter. It’s great to know my teeth are clean and healthy (Buy from Amazon, $31.12). Not only are water flossers great protection against periodontitis and gingivitis, but they’re also more effective at removing plaque than regular flossing, says a study published in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry.

Calm the soul with Girl Time

I love my low maintenance friends, Marie smiles as she talks about her near and dearest. My best people are the people I might not talk to for a while, but as soon as I do, we just get it right back! I love my high maintenance people too, don’t get me wrong, but the low maintenance ones are the ones I seem to lean on the most, personally, because we know we’re glued together. They know I’m always here even if I haven’t seen them in a while, there’s always that connection. And that just brings so much peace and never fails to lift your spirits.

Over 50? Check out Marie’s new diet plan

With over a decade of weight loss success under her belt using Nutrisystem, Marie is always excited to try and share their new offerings. But she’s extremely excited about their new program, Complete 55, because she helped design it.

I’ve been with Nutrisystem for 16 years now and they are such a great organization, she says. They genuinely want to help women, especially since our bodies change so much as we get older. When you’re over 50, getting that mean stubborn fat and weight loss is hard.

Complete 55, a program designed for women over 50, answers this problem. He has a holistic approach to weight loss that includes rest, stress relief, and meals—the kind of things that, when put together, actually help the body lose weight, and it works! There is no one better than Nutrisystem and its team when it comes to solutions. Learn more at

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