You can create a legit home gym with just adjustable dumbbells

8 best adjustable dumbbells for strength 2023, from the trainers

What to look for in adjustable handlebars

  • Adjustment technology. The adjustment mechanism is how you go from one weight to another, and we want this process to be as simple as possible to save time and ease of use, says Balicki. It’s best to look for a dial, knob, lever, or manual weight plates that operate smoothly and quickly.
  • Weight range. Weight and weight gains are also important, adds Balicki. Some adjustable dumbbells will increase in 2.5-pound increments or 5-pound increments,” he adds. In my opinion, the more increments the better because this gives you more options. If you’re a complete beginner, he also suggests investing in a set that comes in at least 50 pounds per dumbbell.
  • Comfort. Finally, Hamlin says to look for dumbbells that are comfortable to hold. His go-to recs are typically rubber or ones with a neoprene coating, which can provide a more stable and supportive grip. But it’s also helpful to look for ones with a non-slip texture.

With these pro-shopping tips and considerations in mind, here are the eight best adjustable dumbbells based on advice from trainers and rave reviews.

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