Adding nuts to your diet could help you live longer, according to one study

Research shared by California Walnuts shows that adding nuts can help you live longer as they play a huge role in heart and brain health, as well as healthy aging

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Adding nuts to your diet may actually help you live longer, one study has found.

In fact, research has proven it the seeds may play a role in heart health, brain health, and health aging.

While we all know that greens, berries, and many cruciferous vegetables that activate the body’s natural detoxification system work, who knew adding nuts to our diet would help us live longer?

Research shared by California Walnuts as part of a study for coronary artery risk development in young adults shows that eating nuts as a daily snack is a proven way to improve health and potentially live longer.

So here’s how this nut comes out on top.

It should be noted that not all nuts are created equal, as some have much higher fat content, but health experts recommend that eating nuts in moderation may ward off age-related diseases.

An ounce of nuts is a powerhouse of nutrients important for optimal health, including protein (4g), fiber (2g), a good source of magnesium (45mg) (Getty Images)

CARDIA scientists examined 20 years of dietary history and 30 years of physical and clinical measurements in more than 3,300 people.

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