“Chrisshell Stause’s favorite HIIT workout was way harder than I expected”

Chrishell Stause may be best known for bringing in multi-million dollar adverts and loads of drama For sale Sunset, but the reality star does more than just sell mansions.

In recent months, the actor has presented at the MTV Awards, hosted a gala evening for My Friends Place (a non-profit organization that assists homeless youth), He acted in a Lifetime Original Movie, and even she said yes to his partner, G Flip.

With the sixth season of For sale Sunset premiering on Netflix May 19, there’s a lot more where that came from. An inside look at Chrishell’s relationship with G Flip, as well as plenty of bell ringing, backstabbing, brand new agents and his strong body are all in store.

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When Chrisshells isn’t closing any major business, it’s probably working. Her devotion to her fitness (seriously, just look at her Instagram highlights and one of the many photos of her looking super strong for proof) is pretty impressive.

Here’s how Chrishell works and what it’s like to follow her intense routine.

Chrishell’s workout routine is “fun, creative and challenging.”

Chrishell shares behind-the-scenes clips of her at-home workout routine, led by her trainer Ochomanaging director of Power 8 A, in his stories on Instagram. In general, Chrishell does a weekly hour-long workout session with Ocho, with three sets of three different exercises, she explained in a story last May.

We do heavyweights and plyometrics, as well as HIIT, so her body is always moving and gaining strength, Ocho previously said. Women’s health in the UK. I always keep the workouts fun, creative and challenging. I always throw something different at Chrishell to challenge her. The way I feel is, if you’re not challenged by your coach, what did you take it for?

Chrishell always starts with a 10 minute dynamic warm up.

He does this with Ocho before breaking a sweat, making sure the star’s joints are mobile and that his body is prepared for the job ahead, he said.

Chrishell uses a range of equipment for her workouts.

Dumbbells, kettlebells, loop resistance bands, and agility equipment (think: ladders, hex speed rings) appear regularly on her Instagram Stories.

And makes combination moves like squat thrusters, lateral plank walks (with a pushup after each step!), lunges with shoulder presses, bear plank renegade rows, and hollow body chest presses look effortless. Yes, my muscles tremble just listing those movements.

Chrishell works hard and prioritizes recovery.

And her coach agrees: She’s been killing my schedule since we started, Ocho said WH United Kingdom. Her drive, determination and work ethic mean she fits in and destroys everything I put her through.

To balance out these high-intensity activities, Chrishell also practices Pilates once or twice and puts in two to three active recovery days a week, Ocho explained.

Chrishell’s best HIIT exercises, from her trainer

To get a taste of Chrishell’s intense fitness routine, I tried a HIIT workout with The first four moves of Ochos.

I planned to do each exercise for 45 seconds, then take 15 seconds of rest before moving on to the next one. After finishing all the moves, I’d take a one-minute break, then repeat the circuit three more times for a total of four rounds.

HIIT moves:

  • inchworm to a single-row kettlebell upright push-up
  • from kettlebell squats to squat jumps
  • kneeling hip extension to shoulder press
  • single bent arm row.

After a 10-minute warmup that focused on hip, ankle, and shoulder mobility and stability, I slowly performed two reps of each exercise to make sure I had the combos nailed. Honestly, the movements felt easy and I thought I was in for a relaxing workout.

The moves were simple to follow and initially seemed easy.

chrishell stauses hiit workout review

Getty/Megan Falk

Boy, was I wrong. He quickly shifted into high gear.

I used a 20-pound kettlebell for the KB exercises and a set of 12-pound dumbbells for shoulder presses, but left out the resistance band used for the kneeling hip extension. (I had nowhere to anchor it safely)

After the first round, my head was already a little sweaty and my heart was pounding. By round three, I was much slower, my squat jumps weren’t as high, and the range of my push-ups was decreasing, as my muscles were already feeling so fatigued.

chrishell stauses hiit workout review

Getty/Megan Falk

By the end of the workout, my face was bright red, my hair was a sweaty mess, and my glutes and back muscles were ready to call it quits for the day. Completing all rounds was anything but easy.

It was so satisfying to move fast, use power, and get my heart pumping.

chrishell stauses hiit workout review

Getty/Megan Falk

I don’t fire up HIIT workouts as much as I used to, since slower strength workouts and reformer Pilates classes are my jam these days. But this 20-minute session reminded me how satisfying doing HIIT is.

I also enjoyed the physical and mental challenge. At-home strength workouts can get real old, real fast, and this workout challenged my muscles in new and quite grueling ways (looking at you, kneeling hip extension to shoulder press). I felt so accomplished once I finished.

While I can’t say Chrishell’s HIIT workout will become a staple in my programming, I will keep it in my back pocket for days when my routine needs to be spiced up. For sale Sunset-style.

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