Digitization is one of the major challenges for the health sector in France. This digital transformation contributes to improving the services offered to patients. One of the most important aspects of this process is the storage and protection of patient data. However, healthcare establishments are frequently victims of cyberattacks. However, there is very strict legislation concerning the hosting of health data. It makes professionals in this sector criminally responsible for the security of this data. We invite you to discover here the role of healthcare establishments in protecting patient data and how to achieve it.


The digitization of the health sector implies for its players a greater volume of data to be managed. The private data of a healthcare establishment refers to any personal information about patients. These are personal and extremely sensitive files. There is therefore a very strict legislative framework in France regarding the storage and protection of this type of data. We can first mention the lawn ° 78-17 “Informatique et Libertés” which was set up on January 6, 1978. This law regulates the processing of health data and specifies the obligations of the person or entity responsible for this treatment.

Since June 1, 2019, the lawn ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, relating to data processing, files and freedoms have been reformed. It is now aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in force since May 25, 2018. The latter imposes new obligations on healthcare establishments and other entities specializing in the storage of personal data. This regulation is centered around two essential points.

First of all, we have the obligation to inform the patient and obtain his consent before any automated processing of his information. Patients, therefore, have the right to know the nature of the information stored by the healthcare establishment and which concerns them. They must also be informed of their modification, deletion, and expiration. They also have the possibility to oppose the conservation of their medical data, if their reason is legitimate.

Secondly, the GDPR emphasizes securing health data. As such, healthcare establishments have an obligation to protect them against unauthorized access. They must take all measures and put in place the necessary security measures to guarantee their protection. With the appearance of Cloud solutions and new threats linked to this technology, a new decree was issued in application of these texts. This is the decree of February 26, 2018, on the hosting of health data. It concerns in particular hosting outsourced to a subcontractor.

The Independent National Commission for Freedoms (CNIL) and the GDPR have produced a list of approved hosts for the security of health data. These are service providers who have received Health Data Hosting (HDS) certification. NetExplorer is one of the establishments whose security provided for data protection is suitable for healthcare establishments. On the other hand, even by using these companies, the healthcare establishment remains solely responsible for the information provided to the hosts.. And this, because he is the direct interlocutor of the patient and the legal person in whom the latter trusts. Several legal proceedings can be brought against a health establishment if the latter is lax in the management of the health data of its patients. It is, therefore, necessary to turn to a trusted service provider such as NetExplorer


The most common cyberattacks against a healthcare facility are ransomware and phishing. Ransomware or ransomware is illegal encryption of a company’s data by a third party in order to coerce owners into paying a large sum of money. Phishing, on the other hand, consists of infiltrating a computer system to collect information illegally, while causing bugs.

These various illegal practices are real dangers for healthcare establishments. They slow down digital operations and can even block the computer system of the institution concerned. This could cause as a major consequence the disclosure of personal information to a third party or to the public. Such a situation discredits the health establishment, calls into question its professionalism, and exposes it to legal proceedings. It is therefore advisable to opt for a secure healthcare data hosting solution capable of dealing with any type of cyber attack. The NetExplorer solution fully meets these criteria. It is one of the best choices to ensure the protection of health data and facilitate their authorized access from anywhere.


NetExplorer is a platform specializing in the storage and processing of files in the Cloud. We have over 10 years of experience in secure data hosting. The quality of our services is also recognized through our 100% French  Health Data Hosting (HDS) certification. NetExplorer holds a “physical infrastructure host” type certification, but also “outsourced hosting providers”. Our storage devices fully comply with the requirements defined by the Public Health Code. Our platform undergoes an annual surveillance audit to ensure that it still complies with the standards in force. Our data centers are all located more precisely in Paris.

We offer many other services, the use of which is surprisingly simple. Among them, we have highly secure file sharing between various entities in the context of scientific research for example. Opt for fast and secure circulation of files between the different departments of your organization. Our platform also offers you the electronic signature feature of documents.

As proof of its reliability, the NetExplorer solution complies with GDPR standards. It also has a Data Security Standard certification awarded only to companies offering the best security services. More than 1,500 companies, including several in the health sector, use our solution and trust it completely In addition to securely hosting patient data, NetExplorer also improves your work within your structure through the  smooth execution of digital tasks. Our solution has a very intuitive interface. There are small indicative icons to guide you better. The vocabulary used is understandable by all. On our platform, the role of each option is well defined. It is the ideal solution to safely and responsibly approach the digital transformation of your healthcare establishment.

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