how to choose the right gaming mouse?

Your gaming experience will only be more immersive if you take the time to choose your gaming hardware … and it all starts with the mouse. Here are the essential questions you should ask yourself as a preamble.

Gamer mouse or not?

The answer will depend on your setup, as well as the type of games you’re used to playing:

  • Did you choose a portable gaming PC? The mouse is essential because the touchpad lacks precision.
  • Do you mainly play first-person shooter (FPS ), where aiming is a major element – like the popular OverwatchBattlefield, or the one that we no longer present, Warzone? So, bet without hesitation on the most reliable gaming mouse possible, to aim with precision and triumph over your opponents.
  • On the other hand, if you play casual games, like The Sims or the very popular Among Us , the mouse is not necessarily the most essential accessory. Maybe it’s better to invest in a gaming headset, for example.

Wired or wireless mouse?

As with classic mice, there are wireless models and wired models:

  • More mobile and easier to carry, wireless mice are less expensive. However, they have historically been neglected by gamers, due to their higher latency, resulting in a lag between the movements of the person playing and the action in the play. wireless technologies employed exhibit almost imperceptible response times.
  • The wired connection remains the most reliable, and therefore the preferred option for players looking for the best performance. Another advantage of a wired gaming mouse is that you don’t need to charge it.

Laser or optical mouse?To detect your movements and their trajectory, mice emit a light, reflected a sensor located inside. The difference between an optical mouse and a laser mouse is in the type of light used: the former is equipped with an LED and the latter with a much more precise beam. People who want precision at all costs will benefit from choosing a laser mouse.

Mouse for right-handed or left-handed people?

While classic mice are most often “ambidextrous”, gaming mice are available: choose the model that suits your hand. Advice: anticipate this point when configuring your set-upYour dominant hand will determine the location and inclination of your screen, the choice of your keyboard, and the position of your mouse pad.


As with all gaming accessories, the supply of mice is abundant. To make the right choice, here are the criteria to pay attention to.

The brand

Many brands offer gaming mice, and not all of them offer the same features. Here are the brands most loved by Darty customers:

  • Razer: renowned for its high-end accessories, the “For Gamers By Gamers” brand is popular with the most demanding gamers. Razer mice benefit from maximum precision and maneuverability, for uncompromising gaming.
  • Corsair: specialist in gaming, the brand offers quality accessories, elegant design, with a large panel allowing Corsair mice to cover the needs of all types of gamers.
  • Logitech: we mainly know the Swiss brand as a consumer brand, but don’t be fooled! The Logitech line of gaming mice offers excellent value for money, with the perfect balance of precision, lightness, and comfort.

The resolution

The precision of a mouse is expressed in “DPI” ( dot per inch ) or “DPI” (dots per inch). The higher this value, the more the mouse will respond to the finger and the eye . For example, the Razer Viper Ultimate’s optical sensor goes up to 20,000 DPI, for tough responsiveness.

The style

You will inevitably find what you are looking for with a wide choice of colors and materials, which you can match with your computer and its accessories. Gaming mice are no exception to the fashion for customizable LEDs: some models allow you to customize the color of the light emitted, or even to synchronize it with your other compatible peripherals. This is the case, for example, with the Logitech G502 Hero Gaming mouse and its LIGHTSYNC technology.


Are you looking for great control of the trajectory? Choose a mouse that you can rest your palm completely on, for better “typing”. You need to be super-fast at the click: go for a model that lets your index finger rest on the buttons. Or turn to the  Razer DeathAdderV2: its shape is designed to suit both a palm grip and a fingertip grip.

The glide and the weight

A very light mouse is easier to handle … But it also risks “sliding too fast”. That’s why most mice are equipped with small pads on the underside: they provide the perfect balance between speed and precision. With its ultra-lightweight of 63 grams, the  Logitech Pro X Superlight BK Logitech is one of the lightest gaming mice on the market. It is equipped with large pads, for a smoother glide.

The number of buttons

Gaming mice often have additional buttons in addition to the usual right and left clicks. Usually located on the side, they are present in greater or lesser numbers, to allow you to configure various shortcuts. Even more original, the  Asus Rog Chakram has a joystick, programmable, and even detachable!

The price

Depending on your profile, it may be worth investing in an ultra-precise mouse, equipped with the best features. But if, as we saw in the introduction, you play less regularly, you might prefer a budget mouse, like the  Harpoon RGB Pro BK Corsair, for example.

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