Why kids love manga so much

Naruto, Dragon Ball, Shaman King, did you know all these names? Of course not! But ask your child, he knows something about it. In fact, all these names recall an alliance between Japan and France since the 90s: manga. Today, France becomes the second-largest manga player in the world. This phenomenon, which has upset the world of classic comics, has blossomed several thousand children because it constitutes in itself a real bridge between adults and children. If you want to understand why children are so fond of manga, read this article.

Manga: the discovery of the treasure

Initially, the children did not yet know about manga. They found out a little later. With a spirit of curiosity, they asked themselves several questions. Indeed, manga shed a far more different light than classic comics. It was then that the beginnings of stories illustrated by captivating images pushed the very first teenagers to go beyond what they saw.

Basically, they understood that it was even more interesting than the ham pie that mom gave them. And then they all fell under the Miryoku (charm). The hunter x hunter is one of many universes in the manga arena. Thereafter, the passions mounted even higher until these teenagers lived the adventures of Naruto in their dreams.

Manga: the bridge that connects the world of adults and that of children

At least you know that children live in a world other than that of adults. This is what explains their gaze fixed on comic books rather than facing your favorite detective series. They, therefore, needed a reliable companion who will hold their hand to cross the teenage stage to become an adult. The mangas with their different Jutsu used to plunge these kids into an extraordinary universe that captivates their attention and gives them the impression of being invisible in real life.

Like Arabic writing, manga is read from right to left, so from the last page to the first. This style was kept as well to keep the originality of the manga. Mangas contain very interesting stories because they retrace the history of teenagers in impossible but beautiful adventures. It is therefore a universe specific to them and a universe unknown to the parents.

Manga: a compilation of various subjects

Did you know that manga deals with several subjects, even love? Love stories intertwine in adventures to give universal flavors. Everything is actually included. The experience of adults is also included. This is what prepares them for living the world of grown-ups. Cultures are discovered and distant eras are reread through each page opened by these teenagers.

In France, you will find Shônen manga and shôjo manga on the market. That is to say, titles reserved for boys and other titles for girls. You understand then that each one finds for his account. Surely if you try it yourself, you will also find it for yourself.

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