Five Benefits of Hiring a Travel Agency

travel agency

Travel agencies offer a number of advantages. Booking through an agent can save you time and headaches, as they combine all the various travel components into one seamless experience. Moreover, an agent often has access to activities and deals that you will never see online. Therefore, you should make an effort to work with an agent. However, this does not mean that you have to hand over a significant portion of your vacation budget to a third party. Listed below are five benefits of hiring a travel agency:


A Virtuoso travel agent elevates your trip to the next level. Because of their global contacts and VIP travel, they have access to the best travel companies and destinations. They also know how to maximize your time and money. And because they represent the top travel brands and destinations, their clients are assured that their trip will be one to remember. Read on for some of the benefits of using a Virtuoso travel agent.

A Virtuoso travel agency will tailor its services to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a luxury vacation or a low-key trip, these professionals are highly trained to help you make the best travel experience possible. They also gain access to exclusive perks and upgrades. The Virtuoso Travel Academy also offers live training on a variety of topics. Interested in becoming a Virtuoso advisor?

A recent report from Virtuoso reveals that bookings are up in December. The company booked more business for cruises, hotels, on-sites, and tour operators than they did in October. Additionally, travelers booked with Virtuoso spent more time at their chosen destination. In fact, the average length of stay increased by 13 percent. And the travel agency’s preferred hotel guide will go digital in 2021.

Another benefit of using a Virtuoso travel agency is the personal attention they offer their clients. Virtuoso travel advisors can tailor travel experiences to suit each client’s needs. In addition to personalized service, a Virtuoso travel agency can offer value-added perks like upgrades and priority seating. Plus, the cost of booking through a Virtuoso travel agency is typically the same as the lowest flexible rate.

Travel Leaders Group

The Travel Leaders Group is a collection of luxury brands and travel agencies centered on leisure and business. With over $21 billion in annual sales, the Travel Leaders Group serves nearly every kind of traveler. The group owns or operates more than a third of all travel agents in North America. The Travel Leaders Group has operations in Canada, the U.S., Australia, Greece, Ireland, and the U.K. Travel Leaders Group also owns Strategic Meetings Management. The Travel Leaders Group’s Corporate Division reports annual sales of $11.8 million.

Founded in 1981, the Travel Leaders Group has acquired nearly 20 travel companies in the last two years. Today, the company boasts of almost 52,000 travel advisors worldwide. Its CEO and president, Ninan Chacko, has the vision to reinvent the travel experience through high-touch personalized service and a premium value. The group started as a single brand, but today boasts more than 20 brands and moves more than $20 billion in sales annually.

The Travel Leaders Group has offices in more than 40 states. Its agents offer expertise in nearly 500 destinations worldwide. Travel Leaders is the largest traditional travel agency network in North America with nearly 6,500 locations in the US. Travel Leaders agents are experts in all aspects of travel, from destination selection to destination selection. The Travel Leaders network is a great choice for travelers seeking luxury travel. So whether you’re looking for a luxury vacation or a vacation for your family, the Travel Leaders Group will make the experience an unforgettable one.

Signature Travel Network

The Signature Travel Network (STN) is a co-operative of leading retail travel agencies. With over 375 office locations, STN serves millions of travelers annually and has over $5 billion in annual sales. It leverages its buying power to provide the best value for clients. To learn more, read on. Signature Travel Network is a travel agency that serves discerning travelers. Its members are independent travel agents who share the same goal of serving discerning travelers.

Founded in 1956, the Signature Travel Network was founded by a group of agency owners and continues to attract the best retail travel companies in the country. Its offices were once dark and cluttered with fixed-height workstations. Luckily, the new space was designed with height-adjustable workstations that promote wellness and encourage innovation. In addition to their new workspace, Signature Travel Network has installed a training room with a large glass wall.

The company’s growth strategy involves using the network’s resources to benefit its members. Instead of charging franchise fees or high annual marketing fees, STN offers revenue-sharing programs. Its philosophy has been consistent for decades: help the agency build its brand and provide the best customer experience. The programs are flexible enough to meet the needs of each member. They also support the agency’s mission to help travel agents succeed. If you’re interested in joining Signature Travel Network, contact us today to learn more about how you can get involved in this prestigious global network of travel agents.

Travel Savers

TRAVELSAVERS is a global marketing company that boasts more than 2,500 independent travel agencies. These travel agencies generate $20 billion in travel sales annually, offering their customers competitive rates and exclusive packages. They also have extensive relationships with suppliers, including car rental companies, cruise lines, and airlines. These partnerships ensure that TRAVELSAVERS’ customers travel in comfort and style. TRAVELSAVERS’ exclusive Affluent Traveler Collection provides its agents with a range of perks, such as early check-out, room upgrades, complimentary meals, and spa treatments.

TRAVELSAVERS technology platforms include solutions for corporate business providers, including Concur, Sabre, Grasp, and Trident. Additionally, agents have access to a dedicated, customizable portal called the Agent Extranet, which features preferred suppliers and training modules. Agents can also access a calendar of events and other helpful tools. This all helps agents increase their close ratio and build their business. The Travel Savers website and its online tools have proven to be excellent business partners.

Thomas Cook

The Thomas Cook travel agency had an impressive list of corporate clients when it was sold to Dun & Bradstreet in 1988. Some of these companies included Ford Motor Company, Fidelity Investments, Hewlett-Packard, and Pharmaceutical Marketing Services Inc., and they often arranged business trips for their executives. While the name had changed hands a few times, the Thomas Cook brand and services are still associated with the name.

However, the collapse of Thomas Cook has put travel agents in a tough position. The travel company’s biggest markets are Greece, Turkey, and the Canary Islands, where many of its hotels had exclusive arrangements with Thomas Cook. The collapse of these airlines is expected to have a measurable impact across Europe. In the UK, a former pilot for the company has said that the airline seat shortage has pushed ticket prices up and left hundreds of thousands of customers stranded.

The failure of Thomas Cook has caused an economic downturn that has devastated the travel industry. Customers and businesses are left wondering how they’re going to get home, while resorts and hotels worry that they won’t get paid. Many vacationers have even had their trips canceled. Meanwhile, Thomas Cook’s subsidiaries have begun discussions with local authorities and the British government to ensure that their customers get home safely. This has also led to a plethora of small travel providers offering rental units on the internet.

The company was the first to offer airline travel services and even pioneered the travelers’ check-in in 1911. The company had been in the business for so long that it booked flights in the first years of aviation. By 1911, the Wright Brothers had made history at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Thomas Cook has been one of the most influential names in the travel industry for over 178 years. But the company is now a mere shadow of its former self.