Kim Ks’ trainer Senada Greca feels confident in her bikini

TrainerGreek Senadathe new fitness trainer fromKim KardashianRemind her 4.1 million followers not to let negative social media comments hurt them or their goals!

The Zentoa founder has faced heavy criticism over the years from users who claim she “looks like a man” due to her muscular physique, but one user took it a step further by claiming that women have no visible muscles at all!

Kim Kardashian’s Fitness Instructor Senada Greca in Bikini Responds to Criticism by Saying Women Don’t Have Muscle!

The popular fitness instructor took to Instagram to share her chiseled physique in a sleeveless crop top and matching briefs that don’t hide much of her toned butt. She begins the video with both hands on her chest before slowly lowering both arms to her sides. She then raises her right arm and flexes it, showing her muscles. “This part of my life is called peace,” a man says in the background audio track of the video.

The comment above the video reads: A woman with visible muscles is not a woman. The comment is then replaced by Senada’s white text: So that makes a man with no visible muscles, not a man? In her caption, she reminded her followers that she felt so much better about herself following her own path in life without listening to unsolicited comments from others.

Senada Greca responds to criticism in a bikini
Instagram | Greek Senada

The feeling of confidence I gained from lifting weights and harnessing my strength surpasses any opinion on my looks, she wrote, reminding her followers to check out her app by clicking the link in her bio. Fitness instructor Kim French exclaimed TELL EM QUEEN while Kristy Sarah called her post, Perfection.

The criticisms come from those who are unwilling to do the work themselves. Because if they did, they wouldn’t have the time (or the disrespect) to put anyone else down who’s willing to do the job. Keep shining and inspiring Queen, commented one fan. So well said. Thank you, love, replied Senada.

Fans look up to Senada for providing dedication, passion and motivation to their fitness journey!

Senada Greca poses in green bikini
Instagram | Greek Senada

I trained with you for two years! You saved my life during the Covid lockdown. I admire your consistency, your passion and your body is AMAZING! If you could ONLY gain a small % of the muscle you show us every day with your strength and grace. Thanks forever! commented one fan.

I am so grateful to have helped in any way. But I see you! You have those nice muscles too. Don’t dismiss what you’ve earned with your hard work, Senada replied.

Instagram | Greek Senada

Other followers said that comments like the one Senada received actually serve as motivation to keep pushing themselves. Insecure men everywhere I open my ig, see you and feel like working out! Thanks for the daily motivation!! another follower commented.

However, one user was quick to say that the comment may not necessarily be from a man. Because obviously, you’ll assume it was a man who commented on it because you’re being sexist. It could easily have been posted by a woman, they wrote. The follower replied, Woman or man throwing a rock at a woman who shares a positive lifestyle. Someone insecure that she criticizes what she would like to have.

Fans support each other and Senada’s message: ‘Strong is feminine’

Greek Senada
Instagram | Greek Senada

However, they weren’t the only fans who assumed the comment was from a man. This makes me laugh! You look amazing and he must be very insecure. Appreciate all the workouts you share with us! another fan chimed in. Senada replied, I am so grateful to be able to share my workouts with all of you.

It seems the dweeb is feeling a little insecure, commented another fan. He is afraid of pain. He never lifted a weight in his life, wrote another follower. They didn’t go very far with that logic, a third fan chimed in, poking fun at the original comments. Another user called Senada to expose them.

Instagram | Greek Senada

Where did these haters come from? Literally, must be like 80 years old lol to be fit, and having muscle is actually what’s in it!!! It was always supposed to be that in women are strong!!! Strong is feminine! another fan commented. You nailed it! There is no better trend than being healthy and fit and women who do are seen by many as great examples of what a woman could be! replied another follower.

Interested in more Greek Senada content? In another recent Instagram post, the popular fitness instructor responded to criticism by saying that she “she looks like a man” as she walked into a pool in a gorgeous blue bikini! Fans can watch that video by clicking here!

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