Architects are involved in various projects ranging from design to completion of work. They exchange numerous documents, often very voluminous, on a daily basis. In this article, we will show you the main advantages of online storage for an architectural firm. 


Architects are generally mobile. They can work in an office, at a client’s or even at home. Accessing your folders and files every day, anywhere and through any medium (computer, tablet or smartphone) can be very useful. Indeed, online storage makes it possible to find all the projects in progress in the same space. All you need to do is log into an online platform using your login credentials. You don’t need to copy documents to a hard drive or USB stick to be able to work on them. Your architecture firm then becomes more flexible, setting up and monitoring projects is also easier!

In addition, with a data synchronization tool, each employee in your practice has all the plans stored online, updated in real-time. For example, when an architect modifies a plan, it is directly updated and is accessible on the collaborative platform. The advantage? It is possible to start a project at the office and finish it directly at home. In addition, synchronization software allows you to view and work on your documents without necessarily having an Internet connection. Convenient if you want to have access to them from your site or to present them during a meeting with your client.


Plans are large files, and sending them as an email attachment can be a real problem for an architect. With cloud computing solutions, all you have to do is create a sharing link on the work platform to send as many plans and heavy documents as you want! The recipient will then be able to download the files of their choice in just a few clicks. You will no longer be limited by their size! 


By opting for a Cloud solution, your firm can bring together all the stakeholders in a project: client, design office, construction company, etc. Each actor will thus be able to connect to the online sharing space with their own account. The goal is to streamline communication and improve collaboration within the framework of a short or long-term project.

Automatic email alerts also allow the architectural firm to automatically notify a worker as soon as a new file has been submitted online or plans have been updated! You no longer waste time telling everyone when a document has been reviewed. 


Architects have to store a lot of files, especially DWG files. Often they are large in size and it is difficult to keep everything on a computer. Thanks to online solutions, architectural firms can store plans in the cloud, and free up their computer’s disk space. In addition, online file storage helps secure practice data. Sheltered from IT disasters, architects always have their documents available!

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