The advent and democratization of the Internet have profoundly revolutionized file sharing in business. Indeed, thanks to the cloud, it is now very easy to send data to partners or employees or to receive it with ease. But in order to get the most out of this innovative technology, you have to know how to use it. In this practical guide, NetExplorer introduces you to the benefits of cloud storage as well as the options of its professional data-sharing solution.


The rise of cloud computing and its uses in recent years has had a major impact on communication in the professional environment. In fact, cloud storage now offers companies and individuals the possibility of storing files in entirely dematerialized locations accessible via the Internet. The security and integrity of the data stored in this way is ensured by a third-party supplier who is responsible for keeping the storage infrastructures operational and in good working order.

Thanks to cloud storage, file sharing over the Internet has become a reality. Unlike Bluetooth and other file-sending technologies that only work at very short ranges, cloud computing makes data accessible to people in different locations at the same time.

The instructions are very simple: just put the files to share on the company’s dedicated dematerialized storage space and generate a link that will be sent to the recipient. The latter in turn will only have to connect to the Internet to retrieve the file securely via the download link provided. This is the principle behind NetExplorer’s professional file sharing solution as well as those of many other popular cloud service providers.


NetExplorer has developed a  cloud storage solution with advanced file sharing capabilities that perfectly meet the needs of businesses and project teams. Discover its many advantages below.

What are the different options offered by NetExplorer?

NetExplorer’s online file sharing solution has several very interesting options:

  • Large file sharing

  • File sharing by email

  • Receiving files made easy

Sharing large files

NetExplorer has specially designed and optimized its solution for sharing large files onlineIn a few seconds, files or data can therefore be sent over the Internet without any size and format limits. Depending on your needs, sharing can be done internally (between company departments) or externally (with partners). In the first case, all you have to do is drop the file to share in a single folder and give access to the people who collaborate on the project. You have the possibility of defining with precision the extent of the rights which each user has vis-à-vis the file: possibility of reading, downloading or inviting other people …

When it comes to sharing files externally, the procedure corresponds to that which is generally used for sending files online. The difference with NetExplorer is that the security is much stronger. You also have more flexibility in managing your shared data. For example, you can set a maximum number of downloads beyond which the file will no longer be available.

File Sharing Via Email

To avoid overloading their servers, e-mail service providers systematically block the sending of files exceeding a certain size. This restriction can become a real headache when you have a report to send by email with large attachments for example. With the NetExplorer for Outlook plug-in (compatible with Outlook 2007 and later versions), you no longer have to worry about any size limitation of your e-mails. The tool allows you to send your large attachments in a few clicks by email without changing your work habits. The recipient will receive a link that will allow them to download the files directly, as with a classic attachment.

Receiving files made easy

The NetExplorer file sharing solution is also convenient for receiving data in business. Indeed, to obtain documents safely from an external source, all you have to do is generate a deposit link  (from the folder in which the file must be placed) and send it to the sender. The latter will then just have to drop the file in the location indicated in a few clicks to send it to you. You do not need to create a sender user account for this operation.

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