Facebook changed its name to Meta

Facebook announced this week that it will be renamed “Meta” to show its ambition to enter the meta-universe field. After the press conference, this news became a new target for netizens to spoof. From the pictures to the naming method, it caused a whirlwind.

Among them, Wendy Burger, a well-known fast-food chain, directly changed the official Twitter name to “Meat’ which is similar to the Meta pinyin. The fake Facebook post was renamed, and some netizens joked that this is “Meat Universe”. “(Meatavers) the beginning. The newly established Meta official Twitter account directly joined the battle and played a homophonic stalk in response to “? I am so happy to meet you” and changed the met I knew to meat.


In addition, Twitter and streaming video platform Hulu have also joined the rename battle. The former jokingly used “big news” to attract attention, but the latter said that Twitter is still Twitter. As for Hulu, it announced that it would not consider changing its name to “The Hulu”.

In addition, a series of netizens have changed their pictures. The Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) announced the name change and replaced the original Meta brand with various interesting icons, like the continuation of the “meat” stalk. Change it to put a piece of meat, or replace it with the umbrella company in the game “Evil Spirit Castle”, or mix it with a sketch, imitate Zuckerberg’s actions, and so on.

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