LED advertising panel, a medium that does not consume so much energy

Discourse on the power consumption of LED screens is at the center of current concerns. According to environmental activists, these billboards use as much energy as three homes in a year. Conversely, the merits of LED screens are highly touted on the internet and elsewhere. What is it really? To learn more about the subject, read this article.

What factors are involved in the energy consumption of a screen?

The LED advertising panel is a solution that allows you to implement your strategy in order to attract the most customers to your business. To get it, the pekason website is a platform you can go to. Long before choosing this option for your structure, you must learn more about the energy consumption of a giant advertising screen. To this end, there are criteria that allow its value to be determined.

The nature and location of the screen

To decide on the energy consumption of a  giant advertising screen, there are some important details to consider. First, there is the nature of this display solution. There are two options you can use. LCD monitors and LED formats. Remember here that the first category of panels is very energy-intensive. Second, there is the location of the giant screen. Obviously, when it is installed in a shop window or outdoors, it consumes more electricity than when it is installed indoors.

The size/resolution ratio and the components

When you choose to use an LED display, the size / resolution ratio will determine the number of LEDs used by your screen. The more there are, the more electricity you will consume. Components such as the control system and video processors are also elements that contribute to the energy consumption of your LED advertising panel.

The quality of the screen components

Apart from the quality of the screen which affects its consumption level, the components of your display solution are also to be considered. The more quality they are, the higher the purchase price will be. However, it is risky to opt for entry-level models since they can have a significant financial impact in the long term. To reduce your electricity bill, you need to acquire a good quality LED display.

What is the consumption of an LED advertising panel?

The giant screens are particularly connected to the general supply sector. However, the presence of integrated transformers is required to facilitate the redistribution of electricity to the components of the screen. When LED displays are mobile, they are powered by a generator. For your information, billboards need 1kva / m2. This value depends on the environment in which the screen is located.

Why choose giant billboards?

As part of the protection of the planet, efforts are made by environmentalists who consider advertising screens too energy-intensive. Although the consumption of an 8 m2 screen is approximately 3850 W, this value is not the only criterion on which you should base your judgment on the ecological impact of this LED display solution. There are also more advantages to using giant billboards than traditional advertising media.

The possibility of reducing the consumption of giant billboards

With giant billboards, you can turn off screens on time slots. This solution will allow you to reduce the carbon impact of this display tool on the planet. Here you are the only person responsible for increasing or decreasing your monthly consumption.

Significant savings with giant billboards

The giant billboards will also allow you to make significant savings. Indeed, their use does not require the use of inks, means of transport or paper supports. This means that the LED display has less impact on the environment than conventional solutions. Moreover, according to the Oxialive study conducted in 2010, a screen generates 323.1 kilos of carbon emissions per year against 7640 kg for traditional techniques.

Ultimately, billboards are preferable to conventional display solutions which require the use of ink and paper support. You even have the option to turn them off at one time of the day to save money.

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