The first iPhone with USB-C socket hits sky-high auction prices

Rumors that iPhone abandoned Lightning and switched to a USB-C transmission port have been circulating for a long time, but as of today, Apple still has no sign of abandoning the Lightning transmission port. According to a report by the foreign media ” The Verge “, a student from abroad specializing in mechanical engineering, Ken Pillonel, successfully converted the iPhone X into a USB-C version and shared the modification process on the Internet.

According to reports, Ken Pillonel recorded the modification process as a 13-minute video and uploaded it to YouTube, and explained in detail how he “cracked” the iPhone’s transmission protocol, like designing a self-made PCB template and putting the adapter component into the iPhone X. The USB-C transmission port was successfully driven.

en Pillonel said that his principle of cracking the iPhone transmission port is quite simple, connecting Lightning to the USB-C transmission port in a Daisy Chain Topology way and imitating the real USB-C transmission port. Next, the iPhone X shell must be modified to fit the larger USB-C transmission port module, and finally, the self-made PCB components are soldered.

Finally, Ken Pillonel also put the world’s only “USB-C version of iPhone X” on eBay for auction, and the bid was as high as US$100,000 (about 2.78 million NT dollars) in just a few days, but Ken Pillonel said to buy his self-made iPhone users should not use the phone as a daily use machine, or perform a system recovery, system update and other actions.


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